Lady Severine Sinful

Danse Macabre

Burlesque and Cabaret routines

This voluptuous temptress evokes visions of a debauched and decadent underworld, the physical embodiment of mythical sirens, forest nymphs, dark angels and corrupting devils. She explores themes of excess, the macabre and deviancy, of beauty, insanity and the notion of sin.
Perfect for burlesque and cabaret shows, special events, hen and bucks nights, corporate events and festivals. Lady Severine is based in Brisbane, Australia but is happy to and regularly travels nationally and internationally. 

The Masochism Tango

Severine's signature act, An amusingly kinky sing and fling routine!  This tango takes an unexpected twist as Severine removes her beautiful red ball gown to reveal her secret world of whips and chains, all whilst singing a deeply comical love song about the joys of BDSM.
Music - live performance of "The Masochism Tango" with custom backing track. 
original by Tom Lehrer  

Danse Macabre

Severine explores our changing relationship with death, personifiying the Grim Reaper in a mysterious yet comic fashion, tranforming elegantly in to the Angel of Death for a black isis wings dance finale, in this dramatic, dark and evocative sing and fling routine.

The Devil Woman

Using flame coloured silk veil fans and clothing removal the Lady of Sin tempts and teases her pray in to the depths of hell!

Morte D'amour

 A twisted take on a traditional balloon pop, featuring real needle piercings. A voodoo priestess uses her potent blood and wicked charms to try to raise her dead lover. Needles are pulled from her flesh to pop the black balloons, which spill forth gushing red glitter.  

Fire Dancing

Perfect for out door parties and large venues! Severine dances with fire poi and fire fans.